17 October 2008: While this is just a rough sketch of what could be done (notice the cheesy sounding synthesized drums and horns), I feel like bebop is potentially a much more fertile source for sampling in hip hop music than most people realize. In this piece, as an example, I took the hook from Thelonious Monk's "Well, You Needn't" and played it a bit slower, with a fairly simple chord voicing, then figured out a horn and bass line to fit with it. I also added a shortened version of the bridge to serve as a kind of turn-around that brings you back to the hook. If you can dig the concept, mess with it!

Complete track: Media:Well,_you_needn't,_but_you_did.mp3‎ (right-click to save as...)

BPM: 84

Length: 1:00

Key: F major, kinda, but... well, you know how Monk can be

Individual tracks:

Bass drum - snare: Media:Kick-snare_uhh.mp3

Hi-hat: Media:Nimble_cymbals.mp3

Bass line: Media:Electric_bass.mp3

Piano part: Media:Punchy_piano_(honky).mp3

Horn line: Media:Horns.mp3

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