So what's the big idea? Edit

The making music wiki is all about collaborative music production; it will be a space for music makers to meet, share, and collaborate on their work. It is a pretty unusual style of wiki that has not yet been tried; to understand the concept, we have to shift our focus from text to audio. So, instead of people writing, adding to, and editing text articles, people will be doing those same things to music projects.

This shift in focus expands the wiki concept beyond text in interesting and valuable ways, and in so doing, of course, presents new challenges. First, audio requires far greater space and bandwidth requirements, which makes it more difficult to use for those who don't have high-speed internet access.

The driving concept behind this project is facilitating an open space for people to explore their music and see how others interpret it and translate it to their own musical identity or ethos. So, work with others, exchange, interact and create, but remember that this community is here for people to pursue music making 'for the love of the game.' All material on the wiki must be made available under a free content license, and users may not use any of the music created in this community commercially.

How do I get involved? Edit

Check out how it works

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