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Making Music

All those interested in making music in any way are invited to join us in cooking up some new sounds. Come in, listen, add, tweak, blend, shred, whatever. Meet others, collaborate with others, discover new artists. And, throughout it all, make music!

What's the deal?

Unlike with standard wikis, in which pages are text articles about a specific subject, in the making music wiki, pages are devoted to music projects. Each project gets its own page where others can listen to the music and add their own changes and additions. To find out more about how to go about getting involved, check out how it works.

Or dive right into the action and see what music projects are happening now.

Where to start

  • To get an idea for how this wiki works, browse the audio projects currently happening
  • If you want to get involved, find out what you need to do at how it works
  • To find audio you can use to start a new project, check out source materials for helpful resources
  • A list of all help pages (for Wikia generally) can be found at Category:Help

To create a new music project, enter its title in the box below.

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